The Conservatorio de Música de Malaga was founded in the year 1880, born of the initiative of the Sociedad Filarmónica de Málaga, of which emerged the first principle of the Conservatory, D. Eduardo Ocón y Rivas. Since that day the Conservatorio Superior has been a highly renowned educational institution in Spain and therefore, in the 1960s, was appointed to be one of the first official conservatories of the country.


It had its first seat in the Convento de San Francisco, which had been built in the 15th century and finally became available for educational institutions in the 1830s due to a nationwide secularization-act. The estate initially had been hosting the lyceum of Málaga and later the Sociedad Malagueña de Ciencias, when in 1880 it directly became the home of the conservatory. The move to the present estate on the university campus of El Ejido took place in 1971.


The conservatory’s teaching and its constant spreading and popularization of music in Málaga and its surrounding area, finally was the moving force in the foundation of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Málaga (now the Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Málaga) 1945. This ensemble, on of the oldest in Spain, since then has been gaining interested, enthusiastic and demanding supporters of classical music. The conservatory’s influence also promoted the founding of various smaller orchestras, choirs, bands as well as chamber ensembles, all of them contributing to the rich and varied cultural life of Málaga.


The conservatory’s own ensembles (a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra, a big-band, a band as well as a choir) and music circles (contemporanean music, piano, chamber music as well as light music) also contribute to the already mentioned varied musical life of the city.


The most important mentioning are the numerous alumni of our institution, who are engaged in teaching and research, performance, composition as well as cultural management all over the world. They are the main reason for the existence of our conservatory and represent the immaterial legacy of our institution.


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