Disc 1

Musical creation and performance classroom at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Málaga

1.- Lyrical Variations for Piano (9'44'')
Ramon Roldan
Juan Jesús Peralta (piano)
2.- Suite of Variations (theme and five variations) (9'21'')
Santiago García Cuba
Juan Jesús Peralta (piano)

2. Theme
3. German
4. Courant
5. Sarabanda
6. Minuet
7. Giga

8.- Between two (5'52'') Gregorio Herreros
Juan Ignacio Fernández (piano)
José María Puyana (clarinet)

9.- URR (13'54'') Jesús Ortiz
Juan Ignacio Fernández (piano)
René Martín (oboe)

10.- Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (11'18'') Ramón Roldán
Juan Jesús Peralta (piano)
José María Puyana (clarinet)

Disc 2


City of Malaga Orchestra
Carlos Cuesta (director)
José Eugenio Vicente & Juan Antonio Vicente

1.- Chamber Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (18'4'') Ramón Roldán
Juan Ignacio Fernández (piano)

2.- Claro de Luna, Op. 48 (Absolute premiere) (9'11'') Antonio Rozas
Yuri Chuguyer (vibraphone)

City of Malaga Orchestra
Francisco De Gálvez (director)

3.- Autumn Symphony, Op. 36 (15'40'') Nicanor de las Heras

  1. Moderate (4'50'')
  2. Slow (5'58'')
  3. Allegro (4'54'')

4.- Concerto in D minor for two Pianos and Orchestra (20'08'') Francis Poulenc
José Eugenio Vicente Téllez and Juan Antonio Vicente Téllez (pianos)

  1. Allegro ma non troppo (8'13'')
  2. Longetto (6'05'')
  3. Finale Alegro molto (5'40'')

Disc 3

The '96 Conservatory Awards

"The Málaga Conservatory of Music publishes in this recording performances by four students, and now teachers, who obtained the End of Degree Award in the 1995/96 academic year. The aim of this album, apart from its value documentary, promote the Conservatory Awards, which must be an authentic event in the life of the center, by tradition, by the history of its winners and by what they mean in a higher education where the desire to improve is the main stimulus "

Mariano Triviño (director of the conservatory)

1.- Caprice - R. Boutry
Manuel Bonilla Cascado (euphonium)
Professor Diana Pérez Custodio (piano accompaniment)

2.- Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano - M. Arnold
Xavier Escribano López (clarinet)
Professor Diana Pérez Custodio (piano accompaniment)

  1. Allegro con brio
  2. Andantino
  3. Furious
3.- Quartet No. 2 in G minor - G. Faure
Santiago García Cuba (piano)
STRATUS quartet, of which they are part:

Gulmira Shablina (violin)
Li Hong Chuan (viola)
Olga Koulakova (cello)

  1. Allegro molto moderato (1st movement)

4.- Study Op. 25 no. 11 - F. Chopin
Enrique Bazaga Martínez (piano)

5.- Study Op. 8 no. 12 - A. Scriabin
Enrique Bazaga Martínez (piano)

6.- Paganini Variations - Brahms (2nd Notebook) - J. Brahms
Enrique Bazaga Martínez (piano)

Disc 4

Ángel Luis Pérez Garrido (director)

1.- Orpheus in Hell (Overture) - J. Offenbach

2.- Bergamasque Suite, Prélude - C. Debussy
(Instrumentation: José Manuel Gil)

3.- Divertimento for orchestra - LA Torres Mancilla

4.- Suite No. 1 from Carmen's opera - G. Bizet

  • Prelude
  • Aragonaise
  • Intermezzo
  • Seguidille
  • The dragons of Alcala
  • Les Toréadors
5.- Gloria RV 589 - A. Vivaldi
  • Domine deus, Agnus dei

Disc 5

05 - AICM: Piano Music
Juan Ignacio Fernández (piano)

1.- Three Intermezzos - Mª Luz Chamorro Trujillano

2.- Gestalt Variations - Luis Alfonso Torres Mancilla

3.- Sonatina - Alejandro de Palma

4.- Scenes of children - Ramón Roldán Samiñán

5.- Sonata - Roberto Pineda

6.- Sonata - Silvia Olivero Anarte

7.- Sonata - José Jiménez Carra

Disc 6

Juan Ramón Veredas & Gianni Lenocci (direction)

1.- Panji - Gianni Lenocci

2.- Born, live and die. Op. 22 - Ángel Campos Mendoza

3.- Shadows - Pablo Rebola

4.- Garden of dilemmas - Juan Ramón Veredas

The Hocus_Pocus improviser's orchestra is an artistic-educational project that is based on a close collaboration between the Conservatories of Monopoli (Italy) and Malaga and the Erasmus organization, whose fundamental objective is the creation of a stable work platform, which brings together teachers and students in the framework of improvisation, composition and musical and artistic experimentation in general.

With an initial duration of one school year (subject to its continuity to the satisfactory achievement of the proposed objectives and, logically, to the always conditioning financial subsidy), this project will be developed in four meetings (four weeks) throughout which They will propose work proposals based on different objectives, aimed at promoting an approach to the theory and technique linked to these languages.

With the aim of reinforcing the practical and artistic dimension of the project, each session will close with an exhibition-concert with the participation of all registered students. The meetings will last 4 days each - 5 to 6 hours of work per daily session -, located - in principle - in the third week of November 2009 (23 to 26), February 15 to 18, 2010, 8 to March 11 and May 4 to 7. Participation open to teachers and students of any specialty, including Composition and Orchestral Conducting, with the sole responsibility of attending and actively participating in the planned meetings.

As a result of the work and effort made during the four meetings, this CD has been recorded and published, which will also be presented to the Erasmus Organization. A positive assessment of this work will be an essential requirement for the continuity and potential expansion of the project.