Order of October 19, 2020, which establishes the organization of the evaluation of the learning process of students of higher artistic education and regulates the system of recognition and transfer of credits for these education.

Article 18. Presentation of applications and documentation (extract)
The application for recognition of credits will be completed according to the model shown in Annex III.

  1. The request for recognition of credits must be addressed to the person in charge of the management of the center in which the students are enrolled.
  2. In general, only applications submitted until October 15 of each academic year will be accepted for processing. Only in the event that registration is formalized after said date, applications submitted within a period of one month from the day following the formalization of said registration will be accepted for processing.
  3. Students who request recognition of credits will carry out conditional enrollment in the subjects for which they request recognition.
  4. Students who request recognition of credits will attach the following documentation to the corresponding request:
    • Official academic certification of the courses taken.
    • Photocopy of the study plan of the courses taken, in official format and a photocopy of the teaching guides for the subjects, as well as all documentation that the applicant considers relevant to verify the adequacy between the skills and the contents of the subjects taken and those provided for in the study plan you are taking. In the case of university degrees, you must provide information about the grading system of the center of origin or grading scale, obligatorily indicating the minimum grade to pass and the points on which the scale and scoring intervals are based.
    • Certification of payment of public fees or prices or, where applicable, the reason for their exemption or an authenticated copy of the same.
    • In the case of requesting recognition of credits for work and professional experience, presentation of certification from the company where said experience was acquired.
    • In the case of students studying in centers belonging to the European Higher Education Area, within the framework of an exchange program, presentation of the official academic certification of the credits passed. The official translation of the document must be attached, when applicable.

ANNEX III. Application