Next April 5, at 12:00 in the Chamber Room of our center, a conference will be held on "The musician's brain. How does musical practice modify our brain?", by the pianist and neuropsychologist , Laura Vazquez.

In addition, on April 5 and 6, personal evaluations on attention, memory and emotional symptoms will take place at the Málaga Higher Conservatory of Music, office no. 2, of the Department of Keyboard Instruments, carried out by Laura Vázquez herself, who is developing his doctorate evaluating the cognition of the musician. The profiles that can participate are higher degree or postgraduate students of any instrumental specialty. Participation consists of carrying out an individual evaluation of cognitive (memory and attention) and musical abilities as well as a questionnaire on emotional symptoms. The research is completely anonymous and the participant's data or identity will never be published or shared. If you want to participate, you can choose the time that best suits you for your evaluation and book through this appointment manager: . Once your appointment is booked, the system gives you the option to change or cancel the appointment if a problem arises. Your data will be treated completely anonymously and only for the management of the visit. If you wish, after the evaluation, you can receive a personal report with your results.

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