To request the issuance of the title, access through the following link on the website of the Virtual Secretariat of Andalusian Educational Centers:

In that section of the website you must authenticate yourself with any of the available means (if you do not have a digital certificate or CL@VE, you can request the iANDE key by presenting your DNI at the Conservatory Administration).

Next you must follow the steps indicated to fill out the form, which has the following sections: Instructions - Personal information - Application information - Attach documentation - Title payment information - Confirm - End.

The only information that you probably don't know when filling out the form is the Conservatory code (29011291), which you will need when accessing the "Application information" section and searching for the teaching center.

If you are not exempt from paying the fee, in the "Title payment information" section, form 046 must be automatically generated so that you can pay. In some cases, the computer system mistakenly detects that the student is exempt from payment and does not generate form 046. If this happens to you, do not complete the submission of the application, contact the User Service Center of the Educational Community (CAUCE) through the toll-free telephone number 900 84 80 00. In case they do not give you a quick solution and you need to submit the application urgently, you can resort to the following alternative solution: separately generate form 046, pay the fee, go back to the "Attach documentation" section, attach proof of payment of the fee and continue with the rest of the sections until completing the submission of the application. If this incident occurs to you and you decide to opt for this solution, request the instructions for paying the fee in the following email from the Conservatory Administration:

Once your application is signed, the electronic submission process will end. You will not have to go to the Conservatory to submit your application, having made it in this way, but it is advisable that you communicate that you have submitted your application for the issuance of a degree by sending a message to the previous email.

For any questions, you can contact the center's Administration.